Rosas is the name of the dance troupe and production company based around the choreographer and dancer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Her breakthrough on the international dance scene came with her first show in 1982 entitled Fase, a work in four movements danced to a score by Steve Reich. Over the last 27 years she has created, with her dance company, an impressive series of choreographed works. Rosas is essentially writing transformed into movement in space and time. At its centre is the relationship between movement and music. In certain productions, the relationship between dance and the text is also explored.

The book and 4 DVDs provide a pedagogic tool for exploring the first four Rosas works:
“Rosas Danst Rosas
“Elenas Aria

Each of the four chapters consists of an interview, notes, old and new sketches by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, stills from films, and photographs.