ART! is Barbara and René Stoelties original and decidedly personal take on the art world. Their souvenir album includes portraits of artists, gallery owners, collectors and museum curators from 1980 to 2008. This collection of unique and previously unpublished images puts the spotlight on artists and their oeuvre, their studios and the objects with which they surround themselves in their everyday lives. Our enjoyment of the beauty they create and the particular ambiance of their ateliers is thus heightened by clues to their colourful personalities.

ART! is the story of often fortuitous and unexpected encounters with the leading figures of the art world over the last quarter of a century.

ART! focuses chiefly on the faces and hands of artists and collectors, exploring the nooks and crevices of their studios, lingering on works hanging on a wall, objects on a table, sculptures in a corner. The result is a unique and unparalleled distillation of all those moments when the artist forgets the presence of the photographer and his magical gift of immortalising the fleeting moment.

Barbara and RenéStoeltie began their careers as artists and gallery-owners. Since 1984, as author and photographer respectively, they have published countless articles and books on art and design. Publishing houses such as Taschen have used their texts and photos, which have also featured in major magazines like ‘Vogue’, ‘The World of Interiors’, ‘AD’, ‘Elle’, ‘Country Lving’, ‘House and Garden’, and ‘House Beautiful’.