Symbolism, the groundbreaking movement of the late nineteenth century, chose to modify or break with a direct representation of reality, adopting instead more original and evocative methods. Yet symbolist art is still decidedly modern, finding expression in many areas, whether literary or musical, national or scientific.

Focusing on landscapes by leading avant-garde artists such as Gauguin, Van Gogh, Munch, Mondrian and Kandinsky, this volume also highlights other equally brilliant and inventive European artists, including Hammershi, Hodler, Khnopff and Gallen-Kallela. These are presented side by side with the visionary art of Leighton, Millais and Watts. The volume’s illustrations provide an excellent overview of the poetic and disquieting interpretations of the natural world during the period 18801910. Essays by renowned experts complete this first work devoted to European symbolist landscape.

Richard Thomson has held the Watson Gordon Chair of Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh since 1996. Rodolphe Rapetti is an associate research scholar at the Institut National dHistoire de lArt in Paris. Frances Fowle is senior curator of French art at the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh.