Over the course of his career, Edvard Munch produced over 850 prints and 8,000 drawings. Certain of these works can be associated with his paintings as preparatory studies or his reworking of prior motifs. His works on paper, however, must be seen as an independent aspect of his art, reflecting their own scope of techniques, styles and manner of expression. This volume presents for the first time the entirety of these works, which preoccupied Munch throughout his life. This includes well-known prints and drawings, but also childhood drawings, sketches, caricatures and other discoveries.
The volume includes three essays written by specialists from the Munchmuseet, who treat different dimensions of his oeuvre. International experts have contributed an additional thirteen shorter texts. Presented chronologically, they explore particular periods in Munch’s life and artistic work.
This volume is highly recommended for those new to Munch’s work, and a necessity for those knowledgeable about it.

Magne Bruteig and Ute Kuhlemann Falck are curators in the Department of Prints and Drawings at the Munchmuseet, Oslo.