The beeldenstorm, or Iconoclastic Fury, of 1566 a popular uprising that was partly grafted on Protestant ideas and characterized by its iconoclasm is a key concept and pivotal moment in the history of the Netherlands. Yet, with very few exceptions, art historiography has shown little or no interest in the development of painting just after the beeldenstorm and before the advent of the great Baroque masters.
Featuring previously unpublished materials, Antwerp Art after Iconoclasm investigates how the esteemed painters of the period sought a new visual idiom. The author explains why this era should be considered an important stage in the broader context of art history and demonstrates that the paintings represent a subtle but important reinterpretation of the traditional, religious iconography and style that served as a starting point for Netherlandish Baroque.

Koenraad Jonckheere is assistant professor at Ghent University.