On October 9th 1817 the city of Ghent celebrated: on that day Prince William of Orange inaugurated the university in the Auditorium in Voldersstraat. It was the beginning of a close liaison which will soon be two hundred years old. It includes many memorable episodes, such as the long struggle for Dutchification involving big names like Emile Braun and August Vermeylen. High-profile university buildings spread across the city, students occupied the auditoria and laboratories, took over the streets and dominated the nightlife, Ghent professors lived in the city and actively participated in club and political life&. You cannot understand modern-day Ghent without its university, and vice versa. This book tells the story and features unpublished pictures of university life in the city. Historian Ruben Mantels (1979) works at the Institute for Public History (UGent). In this publication he describes university life in the city from its foundation to the outset of the Second World War.