‘There are moments in life when the interval, the time that one needs to get from one place to another, wraps itself around your soul like a veil and protects you against the cold senselessness of the everyday. Those moments when nothing needs to be done because you are waiting for a new important moment: these are the moments when everything can happen in complete freedom.’
Jan Lauwers

‘In a world which has fallen back on a superficial realism in order to survive and to exist, Jan Lauwers uses words and images to mark out a wayward territory within which hysteria, the absurd, the unspeakable, freedom and upheaval can come together an even form a unity. Jan Lauwers uses his multifaceted personality to create perilous entrances into areas which our modern world has made invisible.’Jérôme Sans

‘Lauwers work is not a sealed universe: themes such as love, sorrow, memory and death are positioned within the bigger story of the world in which we live. At the same time melancholy and big questions about life are always offset by the power of humour and laughter in the vitality of creation.’
Cultuurprijs Jury Report