Since 1995, Johan Muyle has travelled regularly to Chennai (formerly Madras), where he discovered the work of painters specialised in Bollywood movie posters. Inspired by these large-scale works and fascinated by their subversive pictorial language, he began a series of monumental installations.
Often making use of electronic devices and employing his own personal visual vocabulary, Muyle’s oeuvre also incorporates Indian calligraphy and typography from advertising workshops in Madras.

This present volume, Johan Muyle, Indian Studio, has been published to coincide with the artist’s exhibition at the Centrale for Contemporary Art in Brussels, and in connection with Europalia India. It is the first extensive monograph dedicated to the artist’s years in India. The book offers a comprehensive overview of Muyle’s baroque pictorial language, which combines – with nostalgia and humour – a wide range of Western and Eastern popular urban artistic expressions.

The book also offers a critical essay by the Belgian author Bernard Marcelis.