This richly illustrated book provides extraordinary insight into Constables working process through the celebrated collection of his oil sketches and drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Nine essays consider the greatest British landscape painter, his development over the years and his influence past and present.
Special attention is paid to the vivid, full-size oil sketches for The Hay Wain and The Leaping Horse, two of Constables most prestigious works. Reproduced here for the first time since they were cleaned, they reveal their original vibrant colours and tonalities. They are shown alongside a number of Constables small oil sketches, watercolours and drawings, works which have captured the public imagination as representations of the archetypal English landscape.

Mark Evans is Senior Curator of Paintings at the V&A. He has written extensively on painting from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, and is the author of numerous books, including The Painted World (V&A 2005) and Raphael: Cartoons and Paintings for the Sistine Chapel (V&A 2010).