When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”, Samuel Johnson famously exclaimed. London is a unique city, in which traditions and historic buildings form a harmonious counterpoint to avant-garde architecture and innovative interior design. Taking readers beyond the clichés of smog, bowler hats, and afternoon tea, Barbara and René Stoeltie present a diverse array of original and imaginative London interiors, created by decorators, designers, artists, collectors, antiques dealers, and gallery owners who have all found inspiration in the British capital. Discover eighteen exceptional London homes that perfectly reflect the eclectic mix of the city’s inhabitants, from antiques dealer Christopher Gibbs’s elegant apartment in the exclusive Albany complex in Piccadilly, to gallery owner David Gill’s vast renovated glove factory in Vauxhall filled with works of contemporary art and design; or from interior designer Sera Hersham’s ultra-feminine Victorian house with its boudoir-inspired lace and floral decor, to postmodernist artist Duggie Fields’s compact Earls Court apartment, decorated in his bold, colorful, and eccentric signature style. Showcasing a wide range of interior design concepts, this volume also reveals the singular details that transform a living space into a home