This extensively illustrated volume is a testimony to the exceptional value of the Bundi wall paintings. It also clearly indicates the precarious situation of these treasures that, in the author’s view, are of critical importance. The Bundi wall paintings are at once the most ancient and most accomplished in Rajasthan, and the palace’s painted halls, the majority of which are in excellent condition, are among the most remarkable in all of India. The paintings’ visual impact – including many of astonishing beauty – are a reflection of the former Bundi rulers’ power, their daily lives, their relationship with the Indian Moghul princes and their receptiveness to cultural traditions quite different from their own. The palaces, which have been closed and inaccessible for decades, have only recently been reopened to visitors. As comprehensive photographic documentation of the buildings and paintings was previously impossible, this volume is an invaluable document. Milo Cleveland Beach, museum director, professor and specialist of Indian painting, has devoted numerous works and conference presentations to the paintings of Rajasthan and the Moghul court, as well as organising international exhibitions dedicated to these works.

Vijf sterren recensie in De Standaard der Letteren – “Te mooi voor apen en mangoesten” – Jan Van Hove