This comprehensive and groundbreaking scholarly publication shows how the artist experimented with an enormous range of materials and techniques in his paintings and drawings. The result of an extensive research project carried out by the Van Gogh Museum, Shell and the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, we learn of the artists decisions to work with certain supports, priming layers, pigments, and inks, all of which had a profound e ect on his fi nal works. Also included are vast amounts of new information concerning van Goghs resources, working conditions, and methods as well as potential infl uences on his work. Attention is devoted to the changes the paintings have undergone over time, such as paint and ink discoloration, revealing the importance of maintenance and restoration of artworks. The combination of art historical, scientifi c, and technical knowledge provides a better sense of how Van Goghs artwork originally looked, encouraging reconsideration offuture conservation e orts.
This scholarly publication a rms the Van Gogh Museums position as a leading centre of expertise.