‘Vincent van Gogh. The Letters’ has been awared ‘Best Book of the year 2009’ from the pretigious magazine Apollo (see Press).

‘Writing is actually an awful way to explain things to each other. And it takes a lot of time, and you and I have rather a lot to do.’
Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, 8 or 9 January 1882

The publication of Van Gogh’s letters represents the fruit of a fifteen-year joint research project between the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Huygens Institute in The Hague. It represents the most ambitious publishing project to date for both the Museum and Fonds Mercator. This new, six-volume edition contains the complete correspondence of Vincent Van Gogh 819 letters written by him and another 83 addressed to him. Van Gogh often included sketches and drawings in his correspondence, and filled them with references to hundreds of other artists, including Rembrandt, Rubens, Millet, Corot, Signac and Gaugin, to name but a few. Every work mentioned has been reproduced, not only the artist’s drawings and paintings but also all of the works that inspired him nearly 4,300 reproductions in all. The letters are accompanied by a study of Van Gogh’s life and work that reflects the results of fifteen years’ research.

An exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum (9 October 20093 January 2010) will accompany the publication of this essential work.

– The complete correspondence of Van Gogh in six volumes, including five volumes of letters and one volume with an introductory study and critical materials
– 819 letters written by the artist
– 83 letters addressed to Vincent van Gogh
– Some 4,300 reproductions of works of art (by Van Gogh as well as other artists)
– Full-sized reproductions of 160 letters containing 220 drawings
– An in-depth introduction to Van Gogh as the author of these letters, including a presentation of his life, his work and the context of the correspondence
– New, more faithful translations of the original texts

Online edition: www.vangoghmuseum.nl