Ysbrant clearly belongs to the generation of contemporary ‘expressive painters’. He avoids all concepts; no explanation comes with his work. The work must speak entirely for itself. His images are drawn from all manner of experiences. Things the artist finds beautiful, depressing or simply important. A ‘stream of consciousness’ in which the viewer can participate without ever knowing exactly what it’s all about. He records this ‘stream’ from his universe expressively in paint, with an eye for the whole but also for detail. Because that is one of the driving forces in his work: The subtle combination of the canvas itself, as an abstract play of surfaces, colours and lines, and the many figurative elements that are liable to turn up there.

This bilingual publication (English/Dutch) brings together paintings created by Ysbrant between 2000 and 2014.

Authors Marc Ruyters and Inge Braeckman shed light on Ysbrant’s complex personality and situate him in our time.