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A Cultural History of Wallonia

O.l.v. Bruno Demoulin

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29.5 x 25
Hardcover met stofomslag

Instigated by Bruno Demoulin, the book A Cultural History of Wallonia explores the subject of the Walloon cultural identity. It discusses the numerous forms the Walloon consciousness takes on an artistic, musical and other levels and will be of interest to both the expert in the field and the interested layman.
The richly illustrated book provides the reader with a complete historical and themed survey of culture in Wallonia. In the first historical part, Wallonias history is explored in depth by specialized historians and art historians who cover the great periods from prehistory to the present day. The second part takes a themed approach to Walloon culture and consists of fascinating essays about language, literature, publications, music, the performing arts, plastic arts, photography and many other aspects which illustrate the diversity of this regions cultural heritage.
This prestigious, in-depth presentation of the Walloon cultural world ends by taking a look at Wallonias relationship with its Flemish, Brussels, French and German neighbours.
The 400-plus illustrations take us on a fascinating journey through Walloon culture. The texts are accompanied by reproductions of manuscripts and artworks, photographs, maps and documents which illustrate the diversity and richness of this unique heritage.
For the first time definition is given to the Walloon culture with great daring and without taboos.