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Fabrice Samyn: I AM? The Limited Edition

limited collector’s edition, signed and numbered 1 to 20

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€ 1000


25 x 31 x 55 cm

Please contact Pieter at pv@mercatorfonds.be for ordering the artist edition!

The Limited Edition

The limited collector’s edition, signed and numbered 1 to 24 (+4 A.E. & 2 N.T.), consists of a specially designed box, a copy of the monograph Fabrice Samyn: I AM ?, and an original art work by Fabrice Samyn: Light as a feather (pigeon), 2022, paper, graphite and pigeon feather, 28 x 23 cm. 1.000 euros (VAT incl.)

The Monograph / Fabrice Samyn: I AM?

The question of identity is at the heart of the pluridisciplinary oeuvre of Belgian artist Fabrice Samyn (b. 1981). Through painting, sculpture, drawing, writing and choreography, he explores the multiple ways of being of living creatures, time and objects; he probes into the way they interact, mutually transforming and fashioning each other.

This is the first monograph dedicated to Fabrice Samyn’s work. Through its rhizomatic organization – grounded on the analogical play with form, sign and meaning – the book gives a comprehensive view of an oeuvre that is at once conceptual and intimate, spiritual and sensual. His oeuvre does not shy away from the perilous engagement with the coincidence of opposites, without ever attempting to merge their differences.

Generously illustrated, the book contains texts by Vinciane Despret (philosopher of science and professor at the Université de Liège), Wivine de Traux (author and art historian), and Pascal Rousseau (author and professor of Art History at Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne).