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Family Affairs

Brothers and sisters in art
O.l.v. León Krempel

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23 x 26,5

Jan and Pieter Brueghel, Dirk and Frans Hals, Gustave and Ernst Klimt, Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler, Maik and Dirk Löbbert, Johannes, Ambrosius and Abraham Bosschaert, Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo, Giorgio De Chirico and Alberto Savinio, Marcel and Suzanne Duchamp, Alberto and Diego Giacometti, Koen and Frank Theys, L.A. Raeven
Brothers and sisters occupy a special place in the art world. Friends find one another through their mutual interests; brothers and sisters grow up together. Blood ties and a shared background leave a marked stamp on the development of their artistic personality. Extensive research into these relations in art has led to these Family Affairs, an exhibition and book on the spiritual family ties brothers and sisters often have. The artists are not weighed down by rivalry between them as you might expect. Brothers and sisters often appear as a unit externally and create works together hence the title, Family Affairs.

From the eighth century sisters Herline and Relinde at the convent of Maaseik through the main schools of painting of modern times to the video art of the 21st century… When brothers and sisters make art together, the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Bilingual French/Dutch edition