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A princely estate revealed
Chris De Maegd

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28 x 23

The building itself, an edifice in the classical style and forming three sides of a rectangle, was built around 1770 to serve as a summer residence and a hunting lodge for Count Charles of Velbrück, the bishop prince of Liège.
Velbrück was an enlightened humanist, a devotee of art, science and nature. The castle was his personal property and was passed down to his heirs, who still own it and continue to maintain it with love and respect.
The plantings and gardens of the castle have also been preserved and maintained with care throughout the centuries. They are particularly famous for their collection of old and wild roses, some of which are the original rose bushes from the eighteenth century. The two hectare kitchen garden, with the traditional vegetable cellar still in use, and the English-style landscaped park are just a few of the other reasons for visiting Hex, either through this work or in reality.
The gardens of Hex form an Arcadian landscape of great beauty and deep authenticity.

Chris de Maegd is an art historian and heritage consultant to the Ministry for the Flemish Community.