English language book

Risquons-Tout presents some of the most innovative and influential artists and authors of today, negoti-ating different dynamics of bridging, passing,  ranslating and transgres-sing. This catalogue and the exhibi-tion it accompanies, examine how art challenges the homogenisation of thought in the now infamous echo chambers of our overcrowded infosphere. Risquons-Tout delves into creative practices that burst the safe bubbles generated by predic-tion algorithms designed to avoid any risk, whether intellectual, financial, emotional or physical.
Its geographic and political scope addresses today’s global connec-tivity, transnational circulation  and diasporic movements.
In a visually and conceptually engaging presentation of work by 38 artists, both internationally recognised and emerging, as  well as collectives involved in art research, this book presents a rich array of practices that defy easy categorisation.

Participating artists:

Anne-Mie Van Kerkhoven (BE) – Bernd Lohaus (BE/DE) – CATPC – Christian Nyampeta (UK/RW/NL) – Ed Atkins (UK) – Elaine Sturtevant (US/FR) – Esther Ferrer (ES) – Evelyn Taocheng Wang (CN/NL) – Ghislaine Leung (UK) – Heide Hinrichs (DE) – Isaac Julien (UK) – Jean De Lacoste (BE) – Jef Geys (BE) – Joëlle Tuerlinckx (BE) – Julien Creuzet (BQ/FR) – Kati Heck (DE/BE) – Laure Prouvost (FR/BE) – Lise Duclaux (FR/BE) – Lubaina Himid (Zanzibar/UK) & Magda Stawarska-Beavan (PL/UK) – Lydia Ourahmane (DZ/UK) & Alex Ayed (BE) – Manon De Boer (IN/NL/BE) & Latifa Laâbissi (FR) – Manuel Graf (DE) – Melike Kara (DE) – Monika Stricker (DE) – Mounira Al Solh (LB/NL) – Neïl Beloufa (FR) – Nora Turato (HR/NL) – Panamarenko (BE) – Peter Buggenhout (BE) – Philippe van Snick (BE) – Shezad Dawood (UK) – Sina Seifee (DE) – Sophie Nys (BE) – Suchan Kinoshita (JP/DE) – Tarek Lakhrissi (FR)