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Duchamp’s Endgame. Da Vinci, Dürer, Ingres, Poussin

Kendell Geers

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19 x 25 cm
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Forget everything you’ve ever heard about Marcel Duchamp and plunge into the heart of art history’s most intriguing enigma. Duchamp’s Endgame is a passionate tale about the fundamental mysteries of what the Godfather of Dada and Pope of Surrealism’s work was really about. This captivating narrative challenges the official canons and takes the reader on a visually fascinating journey through the mesmerizing labyrinths of the artist’s imagination.

The South African artist and author Kendell Geers reveals the open source structure of art history’s, how one artist was actually looking closely at the work of another artist, who in turn was profoundly influenced by yet another artist, who was also looking at other artists.

For the first time since the summer of 1912, Geers opens our eyes to exactly what Duchamp was doing in Munich that year and why he stopped painting in 1919. The mystery has been hidden in plain sight for over a century, because every work of art he made holds the key to understanding another work of art. Duchamp is only the beginning of an underground history of art that twists and turns through the paintings of Picabia, Ingres, Guercino, Poussin, Dürer and Raphael, all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci.